Since 1984, our objective has been to foster research, development and innovation in companies, institutions and people to increase their productivity and competitiveness.

ITAINNOVA is the Technological Institute of Aragon, a publicly funded Technological Centre, depending on the Department of Industry and Innovation in the Government of Aragon. We have the recognition of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as a Technology Transfer Office (no 147), as well as being members of the Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology (FEDIT).

The ITAINNOVA facilities consist of 5 individual complexes covering 15,000m2 and are spread across different locations in Zaragoza and Huesca. The main headquarters is located in the Campus Río Ebro in Zaragoza, while the Huesca site occupies an area in the R+D building in the Walqa Technology Park. These locations have 5 singular buildings: the Audio Visual and Logistics Display Centre (CDLog), the lift testing towers, the semi-anechoic chambers for EMC tests and MAST equipment.

ITAINNOVA: from the Technological Institute of Aragon to the world.

A Technology Centre where people share knowledge, work together, create multidisciplinary teams and work in harmony with their environment to create the best technological innovation from Aragon.

We provide services to companies for technological research, development and innovation to reinvent their products, services or processes, while accompanying and guiding them in all projects directly and decisively, for relationships that last along the path to excellence. Technologically, we advise companies and provide technical services to help ensure quality and the most competitive and efficient productivity. We monitor all new technologies that arise; we analyse and improve them before transferring them in the form of knowledge for new market opportunities.

We collaborate in the training of technical expertise for our staff, and demonstrate the latest technology to them so they can improve each day. Also, we are the ideal travel companion for the internationalisation of companies; we advise and adapt technologies to enter into the new markets required.

ITAINNOVA is the benchmark for technological research and development, analysing market needs and creating R&D solutions to improve the competitiveness of companies, as well as transferring knowledge and contributing to the sustainable growth and improvement of society.

ITAINNOVA: areas for technological innovation.

ITAINNOVA has 3 buildings in Zaragoza, with a total floor space of 13,700m2.

ITAINNOVA White: This is the main Technological Institute headquarters, with the Corporate Area (Corporate and Marketing Management, and Business Development) and ITAINNOVA Operations (Industrial Systems, Materials and Components, Software Engineering, ICT Logistics, Audiovisual Technologies (in Huesca), Laboratories, Quality and Training and Inspiration) as well as the Training area and a circular auditorium with seating for 220 people.

ITAINNOVA Red: Formed by the combination of 3 buildings integrating technical offices and positions; as well as the ITAINNOVA Labs area, consisting of the electrical and calibration laboratories, including the semi-anechoic chamber for EMC testing, currently the best in Europe; there are also chemical laboratories, materials processing and rapid prototyping. Finally, there is the ITAINNOVA Boxes area, dedicated to mechanical testing, which houses the MAST, the only vibration table in Spain and one of the few in Europe; there are also two towers of 6 and 7 floors, specifically for lift sector testing.

ITAINNOVA, headquarters Technological Park Walqa.

In Huesca, ITAINNOVA has the ICT Audiovisual Public Demonstration Centre, located in Walqa Technology Park in the Government of Aragon Department of Industry and Innovation R&D building. 

Here, apps for training and other sectors are developed; research on virtual reality with the Oculus Rift and 3D technology; iDTV transmission; as well as many other research and development lines.