Lines of research Materials and Components / Multi-physical and multi-domain simulation

Multi-physical and multi-domain simulation

Development of simulation models of multi-physical systems through the combined use of coupled simulation tools and of distributed parameters and concentrated parameters. The results obtained allow a detailed analysis of a physical component or of its integration in a complex system using order reduction techniques.

This line combines:

  • Multi-physical focuses for the simultaneous analysis of the described phenomena using various constitutive equations. Fluid-structure coupled simulation, fluid-thermal coupled simulation, thermo-structural coupled simulation, thermo-electromagnetic coupled simulation, etc., or any combination thereof through the combined use (co-simulation) of different computational tools (Ansys Workbench, Abaqus, Matlab, Isight, etc.).
  • Multi-domain approaches based on the combined use of different numerical approximations and modelling. Research on order reduction methods for the integration of distributed parameter models in concentrated parameter models.
  • Multi-scale approaches for solving complex problems with high computational requirements, whether mesh or time step. Application of mesoscopic simulation methods.


With applications oriented at:

  • Simulation of complex industrial components and systems characterised by interaction between different physical domains. Design based on the simulation of microfluidic components in industry and bioengineering. Fluid modelling.
  • Simulation of lubricated components.
  • Fluid-structure interaction in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and special structures.


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