Solutions for future businesses

From what you are today to what you want to be tomorrow

When companies have already advanced and improved their existing processes and products, then is the time to consider the following technological innovation challenges to grow and become more competitive in the near future. We at the Technology Institute of Aragon propose a diverse set of solutions to help existing businesses grow, globalise and redesign themselves into the businesses of tomorrow.

For a company to have long-term profits, it needs to have significant differentiating factors that give it a competitive advantage on its competitors. At ITAINNOVA, we offer companies technological solutions to isolate companies from their direct competitors in the sector, leading to growth for the companies based on technological innovation.

These are the solutions to help you gain a long-term competitive advantage:

One of the first applications of technological innovation is market analysis to identify new business opportunities. ITAINNOVA has developed a set of analytical solutions that help companies develop new technological products based on the future needs of their current and future customers.

These are the solutions to help you design new products for the future:

The current market situation has led or will lead to most companies expanding into international markets. Reaching new markets implies a clear analysis and understanding of the needs of new technologies and markets, as there are always subtleties or features that can make a success or failure of business internationalisation.

At ITAINNOVA, we have solutions that will facilitate and assist you in this process, accompanying and advising you about international technology markets.

These are the solutions to help you modify your technology products in international markets:

To find out what steps to take in the future, it is essential to know what is happening in the outside world and which are the best tools or technological innovations for companies to use to become more competitive in the future. ITAINNOVA has solutions that are dedicated to constantly monitoring everything that happens in the world of technology. It is an organised, targeted and ongoing process leading us to select, analyse, test and disseminate new technologies before applying them in business environments.

These are our technological surveillance solutions: