Innovative solutions for Technology Business Leaders


Exclusive and global solutions for technology leaders

Those companies that have already travelled along the steps of the stairway to innovation have much more specific and advanced need in their areas of knowledge. For these, we have a whole package of services and solutions aimed at scientific and technological excellence in their particular business sector.

We strive for excellence by applying all the technological and scientific knowledge we possess in the specific areas of our customers. From our themed blogs, our success stories and our research lines, we promote all our most specialist knowledge. We are a major contributor to accelerating and improving all business challenges requiring technological excellence from the best scientists and technologists.

For us, scientific and technological excellence is more than important, it is fundamental. Breakthroughs in science and in society come from research into unexplored ideas and concepts that represent a leap forward from the established knowledge. Our research acts as a wedge to push back the frontiers of knowledge, through which innovation opportunities grow and become stronger.

On the road to scientific and technological excellence.

These are innovative and technological research solutions for Business Technology Leaders divided by areas of knowledge:

Materials and Components

Industrial Systems


Software Engineering

Multimedia Technologies