Research and technological innovation at the service of companies to improve their competitiveness.


Our Company

ITAINNOVA is the Aragon Institute of Technology, a non-profit center linked to the Department of Science, University and the Knowledge Society of the regional government of Aragon.

The mission of ITAINNOVA is to support companies through technological research and innovation, helping them increase their competitiveness by developing new products and improving their processes, and by fostering the smart use of technology in regional, national and international contexts.


We offer a multidisciplinary approach that can help tackle the many technological challenges our society faces, with a very effective cross-sector approach, working on a wide variety of industrial sectors, such as mobility, machinery, automotive, construction, aeronautics, railways, logistics, ICT, health, robotics, agro-industry and materials transformation.

industrial sectors


industrial sectors


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Our capabilities

ITAINNOVA has wide experience in carrying out the development of multidisciplinary projects aimed at creating technological solutions for products, processes and services, by providing excellent scientific and technological knowledge with high added value.

Every year a wide variety of companies entrust ITAINNOVA with their research and innovation projects.

ITAINNOVA's research lines


industrial sectors
  • Ecofriendly and recycled materials
  • Valorization processes and recycling of materials and components
  • Computational materials
  • Sustainable processes of material transformation
  • Smart and multifunctional materials
  • Clima neutral components


industrial sectors
  • Articial Intelligence, cognitive systems and Big Data
  • IoT, Blockchain y Algorithmic Business


industrial sectors
  • Mechatronics and cyber-physical systems
  • Robotics


industrial sectors
  • Energy sustainable electrical systems and EMC

Our numbers

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European environment

ITAINNOVA participates in collaborative transnational innovation projects funded by the European Commission.

With an extensive network of strategic partners, ITAINNOVA is an active member of the European R&D&I community, and cooperates with several of the existing European and national Technological Platforms, as well as with the national and regional industrial Clusters. In the last Framework Programme H2020, ITAINNOVA has participated in 36 projects, coordinating 5 of them.

Besides, ITAINNOVA is the coordinator of the DIH (Digital Innovation Hub) of the Aragon Community, aimed at boosting the digitalization of the industry and implementing the technological and innovative activities of the Aragon Innovation System.

industrial sectors


ITAINNOVA helps customers shape the companies of the future by offering solutions and developing technological projects, with special focus on MATERIALS, COMPONENTS, PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS, improvement of PRODUCTION AND LOGISTICS PROCESSES and carrying out CONSULTANCY and STRATEGIC INNOVATION activities.

ITAINNOVA is a reliable technological partner that listens to customers’ needs and provides a global vision that helps tackle day-to-day problems and boost future business opportunities.


At ITAINNOVA we have invested part of our talent in generating new infrastructures and knowledge in Smart Labs, which provide us with differential technological knowledge. It is something essential that any technological center needs to be able to induce the essential competitiveness to its client companies.

industrial sectors

Artificial intelligence is producing disruptive changes in private and public organizations because its applications are extraordinary. In an organization a lot of knowledge is generated and cognitive systems allow data to be preserved, classified and accessible to all workers, allowing, for example, if they are manufacturing plastic parts they can avoid any production error thanks to Machine Learning.

In this laboratory we apply BigData, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning to public and private companies in real applications.

industrial sectors

The objective is to make available to companies the facilities, advanced equipment and knowledge to support research, design, development and validation of new products and industrial processes.

In the IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain SmartLab, new systems and products are developed supported by IoT, Blockchain, Data Analytics or Digital Twin technologies, allowing the connection of the physical world and the digital world through the use of physical devices and allowing a secure, distributed and immutable use of information.

industrial sectors

This Smart Structures & Systems Laboratory consists of several work areas, such as the one for Structural Integrity, fatigue, durability and structural health monitoring, the Robotics and Control Laboratory (Control and Autonomous Systems), and the Scaled processes & Digital Twins ( digital twin).

In the SS&S Smart Lab companies from different sectors learn about ITAINNOVA's activity aimed, among others, at the electric vehicle and autonomous driving sector.